The Power of Seller Agency Representation

You begin with your relationship to the broker you work with, a critical first step. There are two relationships to choose from in Colorado.

Keep it informal and the broker acts as a Transaction Broker.
Think of these as a facilitator. You have no agent representing your interests.

Take it to the top with a Seller’s Agent. A seller’s agent works solely on your behalf to promote your interests with the utmost good faith, loyalty, and fidelity, legal obligations. They represent you and have only your interests at heart. This is the way I work.

As your Listing Broker I fully embrace your agenda. People laugh when I tell them “I’m your knight in shining armor and your snarling dog,” but that perfectly frames my motivation for my clients.

Who pays for the buyer’s broker?

Historically, sellers have offered a coop commission to the buyer’s broker is an incentive for them to bring a buyer who is ready, willing, and able to purchase. As a part of the listing commission, you may decide if you want to offer a coop fee, and if so, the amount. While negotiable, you will find the percentage settled on varies in different markets around the U.S. Offering above that amount can assist in finding a buyer sooner. Offering less may affect the time it takes to receive a contract.