It didn't take long after meeting Paul that we knew he was our guy. He is compassionate and willing to listen. His knowledge of the housing market is extraordinary! He is honest, and trustworthy, which are qualities that can be hard to find, especially in the competitive environment of real estate. We realized this after he brought to our attention an article he read in the Boulder Camera about a Denver oil company's plan to drill over 200 oil wells in a small parcel of land that our potentially new home sat in the middle of. Paul told us, in good conscience, that he couldn't recommend that we go through with the deal. We later found our new home, and a new friend in Paul in the process. Paul ALWAYS had our best interests at heart!  Mary Ann C & Nancy G

Our lender introduced us to Paul Dart. About 1 week from close our appraisal came in, but it was lower than the sale price. And this is where Paul's integrity really stood out. His payment structure is contingent on sales closing, yet his advice was to risk the deal and ask the sellers to reduce their price to the appraisal value (some $25K). The sellers ended up agreeing to the new terms, which was a great outcome for everyone. Seeing Paul put us before anything else puts us steadfastly in his court. We'll be recommending him to our friends for years to come. Jeremy T.

Thoughtful, creative, intelligent, compassionate, a great listener, and a competent professional…descriptors that aptly fit the man.
Last year I was tasked to sell the family home, five miles east of Boulder. I interviewed four or five Realtors searching for the right person to assist and guide me through the matrix of decisions involved in a successful sale at the desired price. One candidate, Paul Dart, easily stood above the rest. I told Paul the story of the property. He listened, and then he initiated a unique response. Speculatively, he penned a piece, characterizing the home, capturing the essence and nuance of what I told him. When I read it to my siblings, it was clear…Paul was our guy. Paul’s writing became a central element in the marketing brochure, which received high praise… and results.

Paul’s presence and input were highly visible prior to listing, while we prepared the property. He had the vision of opening up the front of the house with a bridge and pathway leading into the front entrance. His network of contractors, photographers, home stagers were invaluable in performing necessary updates. These transformed the presentation of a dated property. Ours was an absolute success story, orchestrated by a maestro. George T.

Words cannot express our gratitude for your outstanding professional service selling our home. When you said, “I will be here for you,” we had no idea to what extent you would go for us. Your marketing was sheer genius. You met with moving companies while we were house hunting out of state, kept in constant contact by phone, emails and texts, set up appointments with plumbers and electricians to take care of inspection issues, and finally, you talked to our relocation Realtor and title company to make sure the closing out of state went without a hitch. And it did! You went way beyond the job description of Realtor. You are truly the “BEST”! Pat & Bob A.

Paul helped us buy our dream Boulder mountain property with complex characteristics and hidden issues that were daunting. We started our process in August 2019 and closed 7 months later. That is a long sales cycle for residential real estate! Here were the hurdles Paul helped up overcome: * The property was sold by an estate that was outside of the US - communication was spotty at best. Negotiations were not straightforward, and at one point I thought the seller was not acting in good faith. Paul, having seen many deals, knew enough about seller psychology, motivation and communication to keep me from souring the deal.

* Paul advised attorney review of the title and deal. I had never felt the need for this. Sure enough, the attorney turned up a significant but curable defect that the title company would have missed. * The well for the property was on US Forest Service land and had never been licensed, so from a lender perspective, there was no water supply. Paul was able to find the legal method to make the transfer happen, and to find the decision maker and get to know her personally enough to make a reasonable appeal.

* The property was nonconforming in that it had a second dwelling unit that was not permitted. As a result of this our lender bailed. y digging through HUD literature, Paul was able to cite HUD advisories to another lender showing 2 units were a characteristic that HUD found desirable. We were beset by hurdles at every turn, and Paul was able to get to "yes" with each entity we dealt with. It's safe to say that without his guidance, we wouldn't have our dream home. His patience, creativity, professionalism and sense of humor helped us close. If I were buying another home, I'd ask for his services again, but I sure wouldn't ask for those hurdles!.