What I Offer

Award Winning Service since 1993

I told them ”I’m Your Knight in Shining Armor and Your Unchained Dog”.  That came out of my mouth one day when a couple asked me why they should consider using my services as their Realtor. They laughed. I laughed. But in one sentence I couldn’t have summarized any better the skills and dedication I bring to my clients. What I do is important, but it is how I do it that makes a difference in people's lives. I love my work because I serve my clients in a way that leaves them enriched and happy. That may sound goofy, but in the practical world, guiding people through the complicated and high-stakes process that is the largest financial decision in their lives is vital work. Not Nobel, but perhaps noble. 

Attitude, Service, Needs...

I specialize in remarkably good service and care. I’m a native of Boulder and have been practicing real estate full time since 1993. You always work with me, not with a team, and never handed off to a less experienced assistant. As a fully skilled Realtor I offer my clients essential information and considered advice based on two decades of experience. And I’m very successful. My clients have my full attention, and I’m content with quality over quantity – leaving others to try and dominate the world of the real estate.

Recognition and Awards

In this last year eighty-seven percent of my business came from the generous referrals of my past clientele. And my fellow Realtors have singled me out as Realtor of the Year, an honor conferred on an individual who exemplifies the ideal expression of this profession*. In 2010, an independent rating agency began interviewing the past year’s clients of agents in the metro Denver area. The published their “Five Star Real Estate Agent” list in 5280 The Denver Magazine. I’ve been recognized 7 times, one of just 2.5% agents in this area. My guess is that’s because in every one of my clients I see myself, and I treat them just like I would want to be treated. I am their champion, and if necessary, I am their snarling hound.

Statistical Approach

I maintain a sharp focus on the rhythm of this real estate market, tracking where
the market is moving and which areas and price ranges are hot.
Two very powerful tools give my buyers and sellers the upper hand in this

✓ A proprietary statistical methodology and approach that traces the
current physical pulse of this market, providing a near real-time view of
what and where buyers are contracting properties and in which price

✓ A statistically based Master Marketing Analysis of unusual depth and
detail. The resulting objective findings are employed to neutralize the
other party’s subjective opinions on value and bring them to the facts of
the market. The analysis is an invaluable tool in negotiating the best
price; whether you’re a seller demonstrating to a buyer the market facts
which support your price, or a buyer negotiating with a seller overly
proud of their property.

When pricing their homes for sale or making an offer on a property, my clients
have the best information and data available, and that translates to a
measurable advantage.